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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quick Draw

I recently found a link to this artist named Saxton Moore and I noticed that there was a drawing of Quick Draw McGraw an old Hanna Barberra cartoon done in his own style. Really well done and super simplified. At any rate, about a year ago my friends and I used to redraw existing cartoons in our own style and then critique them. One of the ones we did was, you guessed it, Quick Draw Mcgraw. It was a fun exercise to do one I think is worth revisiting. It was really neat seeing the different approaches we all took towards the same subject matter. Below is my version of Quick Draw and his side kick Babaloo.

Oh yeah, I added Saxton Moore's blog to my links and encourage everyone to check out his work.

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Blogger SACKS said...

Nice take on Quickdraw Michael. Thanks for spreading the word. It is a great exercise. I found my own unique style through exploring others. Keep checking back, I have a contest coming up for a prize giveaway. I love your wacky expressions.

10:47 PM  

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