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Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday's Monster No.3

I was drawing with my 3 year old son the other day and he sketched this really interesting shaped creature. I asked him what it was and he looked up at me and said a monster! followed by a growl. errrrrr!!!!

Later on when I was cleaning up the crayons and markers I took another look at his monster. It was a really neat shape. So I decided to do my own rendition of his monster. It just proved to me that inspiration can come from anywhere even a 3 year old little boy. :)

Now keep in mind my version is loosely based on my son's, but I think the shape is there. Plus he made his monster lifting it's leg like a dog and gave him a willy. I guess even monsters have to go. :)

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Blogger Kent said...

I really like your sketches. I'm into photography myself, but I don't think I'm creative enough to sketch/draw.

Do you sketch on paper then color on the computer, or is this all done on the computer? How long does it take you for each figure (do you knock them out quickly)?

I'm going to check out your other sites as well.. :)

9:39 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Nice work. I like your style!

9:43 PM  

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