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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Evil Scientist

I'm trying to nail down an evil scientist/doctor character. These are a bunch of concepts. I'm still not certain which direction I'm going to take, short and chubby, tall and lean, glasses or no glasses. I'll figure it out. :)

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Anonymous Adam said...


I think no.8 is the best.

I think you work is great.
Could you do a tutorial about how you go about drawing one of your characters? Do you start with primitives or stick men to get a pose?

I've been looking to learn how to draw in this style. I found this book, "Cartoon Cool: How to Draw New Retro-Style Characters"

but i never liked Christopher Hart books for learning to draw.


9:30 AM  
Anonymous adam said...

p.s. that music on your blog is super annoying. No offence.

9:32 AM  
Blogger michael foster said...

thanks adam. maybe I'll try and whip up a tutorial all though there's not much to it. I more or less just start with shapes that interest me.

and you're right the music has started to annoy me too and I'm the one that put it up there. :)

9:59 AM  
Anonymous adam said...

Thats cool, so you just start with basic shapes, i'll have to give it a go.

Yeah sorry about the music, glad it's gone though. It's just i'd turn it off then i'd click on an image and when i went back to your blog it would start again, rinse and repeat for every link there.

Hope you do get around to doing a tutorial, even if it's just various stages of development it would be cool to see.


10:41 AM  
Anonymous adam said...

Also, do you work in pencil and scan your images in or do you do sketches digitaly like in Alias Sketchbook? And when you do those final clean lines it looks vector, is that right?


10:44 AM  
Blogger michael foster said...

all my sketches are done with a pencil and then scanned in and yes most the coloring process is vector done in Flash.

12:11 PM  
Blogger Kipp Schell said...

ah man, sweet doc's! love the botom row!

2:32 PM  

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