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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Little Extra

Well, I decided to do a little bit extra on the recent challenge. More like a bunch of tests. I wanted to say thanks to all those that had an encouraging word to say about the NJMW animation. I even got many requests to do a series or a bunch of webisodes, which I'm seriously considering. So thanks. :)

At any rate below are a bunch of run cycles from various angles. just click the "play" button on each to see them move. They might run a bit slow over the internet.

Thanks for visiting.


Blogger Cory and Tashina said...

Dude, I find it very amazing.. how far you've come with this animation stuff. I've been quietly watching you progress and finding my own inspiration just by watching your stuff. I've always said "it's amazing to be passionate about something, but to be passionate and use it to drive you to all that you'll do in the future is a true gift"

Don't ever let anyone tell you you're animation is your gift. You are your own gift.

Cheers to all that you do and all that you are.

Cory Ag

9:09 PM  

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