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Friday, February 13, 2009

Salty Graphic Studio 2009 Reel

Well, I finally got around to updating my studios animation reel. I guess it's a little long, but I figured what the heck. If you get tired of watching it you can always stop it. :O) but why would do that???!!

One note though, if you click play then click the little arrow button on the lower right corner of the video and then select "HQ" you can watch it in a higher quality. I don't like the default quality of youtube at all, it really "mooshes" the images up.

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Sneak Peak

Well, I just finished up a few short animations that will be used in a longer music video for The Go Fish Guys They're a really neat children's ministry that record and perform kids music as well as putting their own spin on some classics. Below is a little sneak peak of their latest video with some, not all, of the animations I did for them.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Job Sketches

I'm working on a few quick animations for a client. Below are a few sketches for a few Bible characters that appear in them. David, Goliath, Zaccheaus & Jesus.

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